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The species in this family are all fungus feeding, on dead branches in warmer parts of the world. The family is here considered to comprise three genera of extant species, and two genera with species known only from fossils.

Bhatti (2006) placed Damerothrips and Erotidothrips into a separate family, Erotidothripidae Priesner, 1939: 155.

Click to see a listo of the 3 extant genera.

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Genera included

Damerothrips Hood, 1954

Erotidothrips Priesner, 1939

† Jezzinothrips zur Strassen, 1973

Merothrips Hood, 1912

† Myanmarothrips Ulitzka, 2018

† Praemerothrips Priesner, 1929