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Genus information

Leucothrips Reuter, 1904: 107. Type species Leucothrips nigripennis Reuter, 1904, by monotypy.

Microthrips Morgan, 1913: 19. Type species Microthrips piercei Morgan, 1913, by monotypy. Synonymised by Hood, 1931: 171.

Sporangiothrips Daniel, 1985: 528. Type species Sporangiothrips acuminatus Daniel, 1985, by monotypy. Synonymised by Bhatti, 1998: 155.

Biology and Distribution

Probably Neotropical in origin.


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Leucothrips furcatus Hood, 1931

Leucothrips nigripennis Reuter, 1904

Leucothrips pictus Hood, 1952

Leucothrips piercei (Morgan, 1913)

Leucothrips theobromae (Priesner, 1923)