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Genus information

Heterothrips (Lenkothrips) De Santis & Sureda, 1970: 471. Type species Heterothrips (Lenkothrips)sensitivus De Santis & Sureda, 1970, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

Neotropical species, living in flowers.


de Santis L & de Sureda AEG (1970) Un nuevo Heterothripido de Brasil (Thysanoptera). Studia Entomológica 13: 471–473.

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Lenkothrips daedali Ulitzka, 2003

Lenkothrips guaraniticus Cavalleri & Mound, 2014

Lenkothrips kaminskii Cavalleri & Mound, 2014

Lenkothrips mollinediae Cavalleri & Mound, 2014

Lenkothrips sensitivus (De Santis & Sureda, 1970)