Holarthrothrips jambudvipae

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Nomenclatural details

Adiheterothrips jambudvipae Ramakrishna, 1928: 248.

Holarthrothrips jambudvipae (Ramakrishna, 1928); Mound, et al. 1980: 136.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Tamil Nadu, India in the inflorescences of Phoenix dactylifera.


Ramakrishna, TV (1928) A contribution to our knowledge of the Thysanoptera of India. Memoirs of the Department of Agriculture of India (Entomology Series 10) 7: 217-316.

Bhatti JS (1986) A new species of Holarthrothrips from Iraq, with notes on host plants and key to species, along with clarification of the position of this genus among Thysanoptera. Zoology (Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology) 1: 1-33.

Type Information

Syntype females, depositary not clear.