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Genus information

Holarthrothrips Bagnall, 1927: 562. Type species Holarthrothrips tenuicornis Bagnall, by monotypy.

Adiheterothrips Ramakrishna, 1928: 247. Type species Adiheterothrips jambudvipae Ramakrishna, by monotypy. Synonymised by Mound et al., 1980: 136.

Biology and distribution

The four extant species in this genus breed in the male flowers of Phoenix palms, including date palms. These thrips are known only between the Mediterranean area and India.


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† Holarthrothrips crassicornis Schliephake, 2001

Holarthrothrips indicus Bhatti & Ananthakrishnan, 1978

Holarthrothrips jambudvipae (Ramakrishna, 1928)

Holarthrothrips josephi Bhatti, 1986

† Holarthrothrips miocaenicus Schliephake, 1990

Holarthrothrips tenuicornis Bagnall, 1927