Hercinothrips bicinctus

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Hercinothrips bicinctus head and thorax
Hercinothrips bicinctus wing

Nomenclatural details

Heliothrips bicinctus Bagnall, 1919: 258.

Heliothrips bifasciipennis Girault, 1926: 1. Synonymised by Mound, 1970: 54.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Belgium (H. bicinctus) and Australia (H. bifasciipennis), recorded from Tanzania (Bagnall, 1919).


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Girault AA (1926) Characteristics of new Australian insects [Refused Publication on Pretext]. Published privately, Brisbane 2 pp.

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Mound LA, Tree DC & Paris D. (2012) Ozthrips – Thysanoptera in Australia. [1]

Type information

Lectotype female (H. bicinctus), The Natural History Museum, London.