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== Species ==
== Species ==
[[Hapelothrips albipes]] zur Strassen, 1972
[[Hapelothrips albipes]] zur Strassen, 1972
[[category:Phlaeothripinae genera]][[category:Thysanoptera genera extant]]

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Genus information

Hapelothrips zur Strassen, 1972:93. Type species Hapelothrips albipes zur Strassen, 1972, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

One species only, from Kenya.


zur Strassen R (1972) Äethiopische Thysanopteren überwiegend aus dem Massiv des Mount Elgon in Kenya (Insecta, Thysanoptera). Zoologica Scripta 1: 85–105.


Hapelothrips albipes zur Strassen, 1972