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Genus information

Cranothrips Bagnall, 1915: 315. Type species Cranothrips poultoni Bagnall, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

This genus comprises 11 flower-living species from Australia plus one from South Africa.


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Cranothrips bellisi Mound & Marullo, 1998

Cranothrips conostylus Pereyra & Mound, 2009

Cranothrips emersoni Girault, 1929

Cranothrips ibisca Pereyra & Mound, 2009

Cranothrips karrooensis Jacot-Guillarmod, 1937

Cranothrips karooensis Jacot-Guillarmod, 1937

Cranothrips kartus Mound, 1972

Cranothrips lauriei Marullo, 1995

Cranothrips poultoni Bagnall, 1915

Cranothrips ravidus Mound, 1972

Cranothrips sititor Mound, 1972

Cranothrips symoni Mound, 1972

Cranothrips vesper Mound, 1972