Caliothrips fasciatus

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Caliothrips fasciatus wing

Nomenclatural details

Heliothrips fasciatus Pergande, 1895: 391.

Caliothrips woodworthi Daniel, 1904: 297.

Biology and Distribution

Described from California USA on citrus. Also reported from Hawaii USA, New York USA, and northern Mexico. The record of one female on citrus in Foochow, China (Steinweden & Moulton, 1930) is consdered unreliable in Mound et al., 2011).


Pergande T (1895) Observations on certain Thripidae. Insect Life 7: 390–395.

Daniel SM (1904) New California Thysanoptera. Entomological News 15: 293–297.

Moulton D & Steinweden JB (1930) Thysanoptera from China. Proceedings of the Natural History Society of the Fukien Christian University 3: 19–30.

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Type information

Syntype (H. fasciatus), National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.

Caliothrips fasciatus head and pronotum
Caliothrips fasciatus metanotum
Caliothrips fasciatus Tergite III