Asphodelothrips hissaricus

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Nomenclatural details

Taeniothrips hissaricus Pelikan, 1964: 231.

Croceithrips hissaricus (Pelikan, 1964); Bhatti, 1995: 81.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Tajikistan.


Pelikan (1964) Five new Thysanoptera from Soviet Central Asia. Časopis Československé Společnosti Entomologické (Acta Societatis Entomologicae Cechosloveniae) 61: 224-237.

Bhatti JS (1995) Further studies on Taeniothrips sensu lato (Insecta: Terebrantia: Thripidae). Zoology (Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology) 5: 73–95.

Type information