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Nomenclatural details

Mesothrips crassipes Martynov, 1927: 768.

Biology and distribution

Fossil from Kazakhstan.


Martynov AV (1927) Jurassic fossil insects from Turkestan. Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences USSR 7: 757-768.

Priesner H (1949) Genera Thysanopterorum. Keys for the identification of the genera of the order Thysanoptera. Bulletin de la Société Royal Entomologique d'Egypte 33: 31-157.

Schmakov AS (2008) The Jurassic thrips Liassothrips crassipes (Martynov, 1927) and its taxonomic position in the Order Thysanoptera (Insecta) Palaeontological Journal 42: 47-52.

Type information

Lectotype, Palaeontological Institute, Moscow.