Merothrips laevis

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Nomenclatural details

Merothrips laevis Hood, 1938: 350.

Merothrips lacotae Medina Gaud, 1961: 80. Synonymised by Mound & O'Neill, 1974: 500.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Florida USA (M. laevis) and Puerto Rico (M. lacotae) the species has also been recorded from Japan. Most specimens have been taken in litter.


Hood JD (1938). New Thysanoptera from Florida and North Carolina. Revista de Entomologia 8: 348–420.

Medina Gaud S (1961) The Thysanoptera of Puerto Rico. Technical Papers of the agricultural Experiment Station, Puerto Rico 32: 1-160.

Mound LA & O'Neill K. (1974) Taxonomy of the Merothripidae, with ecological and phylogenetic considerations (Thysanoptera). Journal of Natural History 8: 481–509.

Type information

Holotype female (M. laevis) National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.

Holotype male (M. lacotae), Rio Pedras Agric. Expt. Station, Puerto Rico.