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Almost nothing is known of the biology of the five species recognised in this family (Mound et al., 1980). The distributions of these five species are remarkable, with one species known only from California, two from southern Africa, and two from southern Europe.

Bhatti (2006: 352) placed this family in synonymy with Hemithripidae that is based only on fossils.

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Mound LA, Heming BS & Palmer JM (1980) Phylogenetic relationships between the families of recent Thysanoptera. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society of London 69: 111-141.

Bhatti JS (2006) The classification of Terebrantia (Insecta) into families. Oriental Insects 40: 339-375.

Genera included

Fauriella Hood, 1937

Opisthothrips Hood, 1937

Parrellathrips Mound & Marullo, 1998

Ropotamothrips Pelikan, 1958