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Genus information

Asprothrips Crawford, 1938: 109. Type species Asprothrips raui Crawford, 1938, by monotypy; a synonym of Euthrips seminigricornis Girault.

Biology and Distribution

Leaf feeding species; probably Oriental in origin.


Crawford JC (1938) A new genus and species of Thysanoptera from greenhouses. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 40: 109–111.

Tyagi K (2011) A new species of Asprothrips J.C. Crawford (Thysanoptera, Thripidae) from India. Entomological News 122: 183-187.


Asprothrips atermaculosus Wang & Tong, 2017.

Asprothrips bimaculatus Michel & Ryckewaert, 2014.

Asprothrips bucerus Tong, Wang & Mirab-balou, 2016.

Asprothrips fuscipennis Kudo, 1984.

Asprothrips indicus (Bagnall, 1919).

Asprothrips navsariensis Tyagi, 2011.

Asprothrips punctulosus Tong, Wang & Mirab-balou, 2016.

Asprothrips seminigricornis (Girault, 1926).